Six exciting developments taking place in North Wales 2018

It’s no secret that North Wales is quickly becoming a cultural, outdoors and economic powerhouse, and this is due in large part to the interest of some world class firms and local enterprises undertaking some outstanding projects. These are conducive toward economic development and expansion of the area, and so many more good things are […]

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Civil engineering contractors play an important role in this world

Civil engineering contractors play an important role in this world. They commonly pop up in conversations related to construction and infrastructure, with almost all infrastructure and forms of construction traceable back to civil engineers. These are some of the people who have planned and delivered the projects that help make the world go round. It […]

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Civil Engineers in the North West/Wales Demand Doubling

The demand for Civil Engineer Contractors in North West and Wales will be increasing over the next five years, according to the Royal Academy of Engineering. There are however a reported lack of female engineers in the industry at a national level, with the UK having the smallest numbers of female engineers in Europe, as […]

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Do You Need Help From Alwyn Jones?

Over thirty years have passed since Alwyn Jones Ltd was established and we have been cemented as one of the premier builders in North Wales ever since. From small beginnings to where we are at now, we’ve enjoyed a great period of success and our extensive portfolio proves it. No matter the size, Alwyn Jones […]

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GreenWood Forest Park – Solar Splash Work Begins

Greenwood Forest Park are opening a brand new ride for 2015, which is to be called Solar Splash. Construction work is now progressing on the groundworks of this theme park ride, which certainly unique and one of a kind when it comes to water rides. This water ride will be powered entirely by solar energy, […]

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