Do You Need Help From Alwyn Jones?

Over thirty years have passed since Alwyn Jones Ltd was established and we have been cemented as one of the premier builders in North Wales ever since. From small beginnings to where we are at now, we’ve enjoyed a great period of success and our extensive portfolio proves it.

No matter the size, Alwyn Jones have always been here to help companies throughout the region to establish a new HQ or to build on what they already have. It’s not just commercial projects that we have specialised in as we’ve also helped homeowners with their tricky projects and helped them to match their visions.

Among our commercial projects are large and small scale jobs in North Wales for a great range of different clients. From the first contact to the finished result, we always work with the clients as closely as we can. The end result is always a modern, stylish building that will still be able to stand the test of time.

From a residential perspective, it’s more of the same great ideas and great builds if you work with Alwyn Jones. If you need an entirely new build after snapping up some lucrative land or simply want to refurbish instead, we could be just the right people to call.

Civil engineering is a field which has had more eyes on it than ever since the floods from earlier in 2014. Alwyn Jones have stepped up our game to meet an increase in demand for our services with waste water management, sewage works, installation of sewage systems and the retention of wall structure: ideal for sea defences.

We also have a proven track record of excellence within the opposite field to construction: demolition. Whether it’s a small dismantling or a whole building that needs to make way, we have the advanced excavators and track dumpers you need.

With our services also available for plant hire projects, we await your call on 01492 650229 or email at