School’s Out for Builders North Wales

As the regeneration efforts continue to take place for certain areas of the Welsh coastline, it appears as if builders North Wales may have another job on their hands with a new school recently receiving planning permission.

Set to be constructed in Rhyl, this build has had its wheels set in motion by Denbighshire Council who, after lodging an application to move from the existing Grange Road school, have seen success over the last couple of days.

Initial plans for the new complex include keeping the adjoining leisure centre but demolishing the old school. Rhyl High School is going through a period of high regard as it has come on leaps and bounds and this a sign of the faith being put into the project by the council. Although concrete is primarily used for foundations, concrete worktops are also a popular usage.

The facilities will be extensive, with additional sports facilities to help the youngsters keep fit and the actual school itself will be three stories high. As the old school is demolished, the construction will be taking place on the playing field.

After extensive talks and compromises over traffic concerns, the plans were approved with 50% of the investment (an estimated £25m in total) being asked of Denbighshire Council and the other 50% from the Welsh Government. An estimated 1200 pupils will now be able to attend Rhyl High School as well as opportunities for those at the nearby community school.

The extent to which prior planning took place is commendable as the organisers even consulted with bird experts to help ascertain how best to build a construct that would deter birds from perching on it!

Most details about the facilities set to be housed at the new Rhyl High School have the emphasis on sport and there are reports of an all-weather pitch, grassed pitches and alternative sports equipment for activities such as climbing and roller hockey.

Speaking after the plans were approved, Headteacher of RHS Claire Armitstead said: “I can’t wait.
We have moved from an underachieving school to an overachieving school where our children are brave enough to try harder and aim higher.

I’m so proud of what we have achieved together and excited about what we can achieve next.

The rebuild of our school is simply the icing on the cake. It reinforces to our children and our community just how much we value them and provides them with a learning environment where they have no academic limits.

“Our school’s recovery has been a long journey but one worth every step.”