Six exciting developments taking place in North Wales

It’s no secret that North Wales is quickly becoming a cultural, outdoors and economic powerhouse, and this is due in large part to the interest of some world class firms and local enterprises undertaking some outstanding projects. These are conducive toward economic development and expansion of the area, and so many more good things are in store. This article contains 6 amazing deployments which are going to kickstart North Wales’ economy in 2018.

Ruabon Park, Wrexham

The multi-million-pound estate is slated to be home to a supermarket, retail and business units, pubs, hotels and petrol station which is going to see Ruabon be transformed into an exciting dynamo location. It was greenlit two years ago, but an unknown supermarket chain pulled out putting the project on hold, however it has been reported that Aldi have picked up the threads so that it will get moving once more. The overall development includes more than 300 homes and could create over 1,000 jobs which includes construction and shop employees.

Parc Bryn Cegin, Bangor

The industrial park on the edge of Bangor has been so far unsuccessful in getting underway. However, a cinema operator has signed up for a 40,000 sq. ft 11 screen multiplex.
The developers are just waiting for some more chain establishments to commit before commencing, with two having so far signed up.

Deep Green, Holyhead

These underwater generators in the waters near Holyhead are a £25million project to create a revolutionary kite operated tidal power generator system. This is funded by the European regional development fund in conjunction with the Welsh Government and is intended to demonstrate the Deep Green technology in utility scale for the first time.

Holyhead Marina

This 100m project has been held up but after a village green planning battle this year developers have the right to push forwards with this project. A detailed scheme is now expected to be submitted in 2018 and bring a major regeneration boost to the town.

The Airfields, Deeside

Located in the Deeside enterprise zone. The airfields extended to 140 acres and has outline planning permission for industrial, retail and leisure occupiers. A Welsh Government spokesperson said as a key strategic site for both the Deeside enterprise zone and the wider North Wales region they have worked with landowners to ensure that some land is available for development by some investors. With 1,500 metres of flood defences completed along the river Dee there will be open access to welsh roads. This estate is going to mean big news for big business in North Wales.

Caernarfon Waterfront and Bypass

The waterfront of Caernarfon is set to be transformed with 15m worth of regeneration cash going into the area. This will make hundreds of construction roles available and is expected to revolutionise tourism to this historic seaside town.

There heritage lottery has reserved 3.5m for the Cei Llechi (slate quay) project which will transform the area into a crafts hub. The creation of a new Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway station which will cost around 2.3 and will pull in thousands more tourists and locals to what a currently undeveloped part of the town.
In addition to this there is going to be a second cinema screen at The Gallery, which is worth around £3.5million, and as a part of a second phase, Cadw the welsh government’s historic monument is considering improvements to the castle and upgrading the road links which will push the projects overall value to a staggering 15m.