Health & Safety

img_0389-1Our Health and Safety is overseen by our Specialist safety advisors.
Health and Safety is paramount in all the work we do. All our practices adhere to all the current Health and Safety Executive guidelines relating to the construction industry

Each employee is trained and certified for the various functions they perform and all plant and equipment is certified. Regular checks are implemented and corrective action employed when mechanical defects are revealed on a preventative principle of inspection. An individual induction is followed frequently with collective tool box talks and awareness discussions

Our employees attend regular Health and Safety training courses, including confined spaces training using breathing apparatus and tripods

We also have invested in our own trench safety equipment, gas detectors, tripods, safety harnesses etc for use in sewers. We have heavily invested in improving the safety and productivity of our plant with safe load indicators, check valves and quick hitches on all of our excavators

Health and safety policy is regularly updated to embrace new and revised regulations together with the specific needs of our clients and employers. Prior to commencement of any project we issue specific Method Statements for differing operations, Risk assessment and COSHH information. Only upon approval of these will we proceed under a permit to dig system